Self Love Intensive and Coaching

  •  Do you find yourself being self-critical of yourself? your body? your choices?
  •  Do you find it difficult to forgive yourself or others?
  •  Do you struggle with creating deeply connecting, trusting relationships with others?
  •  Do you put your own needs as secondary to work or other's needs?


"Released Anxiety and Regained my Confidence in 20 minutes with Lottie!"

 “I am currently working on a new business venture that requires me to speak of myself....I believe my inner child felt this was bragging, so naturally I was having a difficult time with this and procrastination was my result. 

Lottie was able to shift this so profoundly for me that I instantly felt it leave my body. Lottie also tapped into my need for approval. She dug deep and I found that I was afraid of being alone....this was very scary for me. 

The biggest blessing for me here was realizing it's okay to be alone as I'm happy with me!! Now, days later I feel very confident to move forward on my new opportunity, knowing that it's okay to speak of my gifts.

 I would HIGHLY recommend Lottie, she comes from her heart...and believe me it works!” 

~ Donna McRae, Life Coach

"I'm a Man Magnet Now!"

 “Lottie’s powerful re-patterning work is simply beautiful. The energy field that it has put me has made me release many of the walls that I have had up and that were put up for lifetimes. Lately, I have become a man magnet! LOL And I feel safe about it.” 


"No more trauma. No more “scraping by” with money.

 I’ve been waiting 54 years for this!!”

“Lottie's work is astounding. In my session, she asked if it would be okay to remove all of the remaining trauma from my childhood. I rolled my eyes and thought she was nuts, because I've been working on it for three decades and despite some amazing healers, no one has ever come close to that. But I agreed and am thrilled I did, because zero childhood trauma has appeared in the two months since that session. What a breath of fresh air!

Then we worked on abundance. Again I laughed at the idea that she could really move me out of my "just scraping by" rut, but she did it. I went from constantly searching for more work and not covering my bills to having plenty of work and extra money to play with. I've been waiting 54 years to be able to share my own gifts with the world, and now thanks to Lottie, I can.

Lottie's work is fast, effective and powerful. I highly recommend seizing any opportunity you can get to work with this delightful woman.”

~ Keely Meagan

“This was one of the Best things that has Ever Happened to Me”

My experience with Lottie came during the time of my family mourning a loved one and the help needed to get through it was tremendous. The layers of issues that got peeled off and dissolved were exactly what I needed.

It felt like years of anger and grief and sadness were lifted, the dark cloud that seemed to be an albatross noosed to my neck was set free and I am so much lighter and happier. Life is responding to me in the kindest of ways, especially with much more loving relationships. Thank You Lottie. I am so grateful.”

~ Megan

Radical Transformation through

 Deep Self-Love Healing Intensive 

Keep Reading.. The Replay is Now Available! 

This call was POWERFUL! 

We "dove deep" to unravel decades of programming that stop you in your tracks from effortless manifestation of your deepest dreams. These are the blocks you can't SEE. The ones that keeps you hiding, procrastinating, settling, selling yourself short, and stopping you from living your life “full out.”  

Part 1: Releasing Attachments & Entanglement Energies 

Here are a few things we covered:

  • Released blocks to unconditional self-love including vows to matrydom, perfectionism and more.. 
  • Soul fragmentation retrieval from parents and past lovers 
  • Energetic divorces from others and releasing any energy tied up with the past (expect a PROFOUND release of stored up energy)
  • Making new energetic space for limitless possibilities to start unfolding NOW

Part 2: Energetic Downloads for Breakthroughs

You will receive a host of energetic downloads to clear your physical body from heavy, resisting and limiting energies including... 

  • Release guilt and worthy issues tied with sickness and struggle
  • High levels of energy that last and magnetize high virbational opportunities
  • Re-pattern your brain to prevent self-sabatoge (including things such as bacteria and viral infection)
  • Up-leveling your initutive knowing and connection with your body


Part 3: Releasing Resentment to be in Divine Flow & Abundance 

  • Diving into deep, incredibly powerful resentment work around mother, father, self and god (including hidden resentments in the body showing up as pain or tension)
  • Energetic downloads for confidence in yourself and speaking your truth
  • Owning your worth: how to stop putting yourself on SALE
  • Deepening your inner knowing and connection to Source

Part 4: Personalized Q&A from live callers and emails

We had some GREAT questions and deep healings. It was incredible to experience such massive shifts from fear to love, pain to joy, and even avoidance to excitement! 

Want to Go Deeper? You can still add on a Deeply Discounted Session with Lottie...

Together in this 90 minute session, we will layout every detail of your ideal life and I’ll show you every step of the way to make it tangible and REAL for you. This includes how to overcome your biggest obstacles, how to integrate ongoing support systems, and the essential mindset shifts needed to bring to life YOUR unique success to life in a loving, playful and fun way. Session can also be used for other related topics.

“REAL RESULTS and REAL CHANGE, I've Never had these results with anyone else.”

"I found it easy to open up and trust Lottie, she has such clear, loving intentions.

Due to Lottie’s consistent empathic intuition and positive focus, along with an amazing process that she uses super skillfully, I now have a much better handle on how to do my own without caving into my old energy draining habits and patterns.

Lottie works on such deep levels of emotions and body patterns, and uncovered some hidden beliefs and agendas that I had not been able to approach on my own.

The best part is, this work is very empowering. Later, I could make 'common sense' of the work and use it as a resource. With many other healers I have tried, I couldn’t find my way forward to use what was done on my own later. Lottie works deeply WITH YOU, not just on you.

I highly recommend that anyone who wants support to carry through with real self-healing and change to go ahead and set up an experience of Lottie’s loving intuitive and skillful interventions!”

~ Frankie B.

 **Please email for payment plan options



YES. You will still experience major energy shifts with the replay. Oh, and we had SO much fun we ended up goin 6 hours! 

“Out of all the Healers I’ve worked with, Lottie was by FAR the Most Powerful.”

"Lottie’s work is nothing short of amazing.

I have worked with several energy workers to help me grow, but my session with Lottie was BY FAR the MOST powerful.

I felt energy surging through my body and tingling in my chakras. She was so insightful and compassionate. I was surprised how quickly we got to the bottom of how I built negative patterns in my life and how they continue to hold me back. We removed so much negative energy and we discussed practical solutions I could use in my own life. I now feel hopeful and positive that I can unblock all negative patterns I have been carrying for decades and create the beautiful life I desire.”

~ Suzanne

“Fast and Powerful Miracles”

“Lottie's work has brought me the fastest and greatest miracles. No more self-sabotage. No more negative influences from anyone and anything. This work puts you into immediate alignment and opens your heart to the universe gently but lovingly.

Lottie is loving, caring, fun, thoughtful, and simply amazing. She's one of the few healers I recommend.”


“New Worthiness, New Clients and Re-ignited Love”

“I worked with Lottie on my core issues around worthiness. We did huge work so quickly on so many levels. I immediately raised by prices by 66%. Not only did my clients not flinch, I actually attracted MORE clients in just a few days. And get this.. my husband and I found our “spark” again, and we got re-married. The momentum keeps growing!

I can’t recommend Lottie enough!”

~ Robin

“Layers of Deep Seated Hurts from Childhood Peeled Away”

“I never thought of myself as one who didn't have confidence, but there are areas in all of our lives where we are lacking, for me it's in certain aspects of my career. 

I am now setting new goals for myself in my career and preparing to make some calls that I was afraid to make before. I also found it useful in removing some deep seated hurts from childhood. Each time I listened to the recording, another layer came off. 

Powerful stuff! Thank you Lottie.”

~ DH

“Thanks to Lottie, Now I am attracting Miracles!”


“I have been profoundly Changed. 

I’m in a state of Bliss for No Reason”

“After listening to these MP3s, I find myself regularly in a state of bliss for no reason. For so many years I felt frustrated and stuck. I gradually became aware that the answer was Self-Love. These MP3s contain the transmissions and divine activation to pull me out of the past and embrace a calm and peaceful present.

Every time I listen it feels deeper and connects me to another part of myself that I had not felt previously. I have been profoundly changed and look forward to what continued use of these tracks will bring. Thank you so very much for your wonderful work!”

~ Alicia